Our Story

Volunteers For Christ is a non-denominational, non-profit religious organization formed for the purpose of raising financial and prayer support, primarily through short-term mission trips to reach Brazilians for our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are focused on children’s/family programs (Kid’s Place), church planting (Community Bible Church), and Christian camping (Rancho Pitanga).  It is our belief that by first ministering to the physical, educational, and emotional needs of the children, it will allow us an opportunity to meet their spiritual needs, as well as those of their families.  Not only are we trying to change the lives of Brazilians touched by this ministry, but we are also trying to change the lives of those  who serve on our mission trips, so they will come back with a new sense of urgency, desire, and passion for The Great Commission, which will overflow into their daily lives and have a positive influence on those around them.